"Closing the gap between information and action is challenging in every setting, but this is especially difficult for men in the Church. They know they’re supposed to participate, but they don’t know what to do. They know what to do at work, they know what to do in the gym, they know what to do when they’re spending the weekend on their hobbies…but they desperately need practical help in matters of life and faith. As coaches, our job is to prepare and inspire people to succeed in whatever they set their hands to."

Each section of The Way to Win builds on the next to create meaningful discussion around topics men actually care about.

Section 1

The Winning Lifestyle - Personal Development

Section 2

The Winning Fundamentals - Spiritual Foundations

Section 3

The Winning Playbook - Character Development

Section 4

The Winning Culture - Values

Section 5

The Winning Strategy - Discipleship


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