Lead to Win is committed to helping pastors and leaders win in their church, their business, with their teams, and to grow into everything God created them to be.

We all have scoreboards that tell us if we're winning or losing: our salary, our net worth, the size and growth of our organization, the happiness of our family, and our bucket list are all scoreboards. We all want to win, but the best leaders make sure they're winning on the scoreboards that matter most. Coaches give us permission to prioritize the necessary adjustments we need to execute a winning game plan.

A great coach understands every leader must recognize the unique challenges and opportunities in their current season in order to identify the game plan that will produce the best results. Each gathering, coaching opportunity, and resource is created with you in mind, based on we have learned at each stage of Milestone Church. We believe you can win in your calling, with your family, and in your soul.

Go further with a coach.

  • Gatherings

    Unique gatherings focused on equipping pastors and leaders with practical tools for growth and development.

  • Coaching

    Virtual and in-person coaching and training to practically equip Lead Pastors and church teams.

  • Resources

    Original resources including campaigns & message series, books & study guides, and free downloads for ministry teams.


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