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Create momentum in your church

Take your entire church on a journey that will increase your attendance, engage your leaders and create meaningful connections.

Topics your church will love

image recognize god's voice

Hearing God

Take your church on a journey and help each person discover how to hear God’s voice and the different ways He speaks to us.

image Faith Building


Take your church on a journey to show them how God shows up in our lives and meets us in our moment of need.

image Spiritual Growth


Take your church on a spiritual growth journey utilizing the power and principles of the seed.

image Building a Foundation


Show your church that when we live according to God's Kingdom and its principles, we’ll find that our lives in Him are unshakable.

How to Use a Campaign

1. Purchase a campaign

  • Message content on topics your church cares about.
  • Kids curriculum that fosters genuine excitement in God’s word.

2. Prep & Promote

  • Web, social, and email graphics ready for your team to use.
  • Trailer video to generate series anticipation.

3. Launch

  • Provide participants with a study guide that makes it simple and fun to engage in God’s word
  • Equip your small group leaders with content and discussion questions for their group

Learn more here: Churchwide Campaign Playbook

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