A campaign provides a unique experience that equips and inspires spiritual growth in your church and provides tangible ways for everyone – from kids to adults – to connect with God’s Word.

Increase weekend attendance.

Connect parents to what their kids are learning.

Energize Small Group culture.

A Campaign Includes

Message Content

Promo Material

Small Group Leader Guide

Kids Curriculum

Study Guide

Topics your church will love

image Faith Building


Take your church on a journey to show them how God shows up in our lives and meets us in our moment of need.

image Character of God


Take your church through the promises of God that will give them confidence today and a guarantee for tomorrow.

image Spiritual Growth


Take your church on a spiritual growth journey utilizing the power and principles of the seed.

image Building a Foundation


Show your church that when we live according to God's Kingdom and its principles, we’ll find that our lives in Him are unshakable.

How to Use a Campaign

1. Purchase a bundle

  • Message content on topics your church cares about.
  • Kids curriculum that fosters genuine excitement in God’s word.

2. Prep & Promote

  • Web, social, and email graphics ready for your team to use.
  • Trailer video to generate series anticipation.

3. Launch

  • Provide participants with a study guide that makes it simple and fun to engage in God’s word
  • Equip your small group leaders with content and discussion questions for their group